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All you Need to Know About Movie Extra Jobs In Florida

The life of a movie extra is not as glamorous as that of major movie actors and superstars; but it is one sure way of learning about the movie industry and rubbing shoulders with who is who in the TV and movie industry while earning some money in the process. To become a movie extra and get movie extra jobs in Florida, there are certain factors that one must consider and words of advice that need to be heeded. Some of the issues that need serious consideration to ensure success include; Keep in mind that movie extra jobs in Florida are just like any other jobs and require a lot of time and persistence when searching for an opening. There are certain websites that offer many movie extra job opportunities.

One can also sign up with a casting agency; they usually have a long waiting list though. It is also worth noting that there are very many casting agencies that are pure scams. Before you sign up it is important to verify with the Better Business Bureau in Florida. It is also very unwise to pay any monies to a casting agency before you get the job.

Casting agencies usually require that you leave an updated resume and a head shot. Ensure you provide a head shot looking your best; some movie extra parts require certain specific looks. All Casting agencies in Florida will require you to provide proof that you are permitted to work in the US; this is usually in the form of a social security card, passport or drivers license. Going through a booking service is also a good way of getting movie extra jobs in Florida. These are companies that charge a monthly fee to assist all kind of actors get a job. They are also known as sub casting agents as all they do is to connect you with the right people at the casting agencies.

It is very important to join a union; the most popular union that fully addresses issues related with movie extra jobs in Florida are the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). They only represent registered members who must have worked in at least one SAG project that span over 3 days prior to seeking membership. All background SAG member actors are paid a minimum wage of at least $ 130 per day. Non SAG members don’t have a minimum wage and thus can be exploited by cunning employers. Once you get a job as a movie extra it is important that you follow all instructions, never ask stars for autographs or seek them out for pictures; they are at work and not socializing.

Florida has been home to numerous movie shooting experiences from way back in 1941 when the movie Tarzan Secret Treasure was shot in Wakulla Springs, in 1998 the block buster movie The Waterboy was filmed in Palm Beach Orlando. In 2004 The Punisher was shot in Dunedin Tampa. Thus Florida is a well known movie state due to its beautiful scenery, tried and tested sets and supportive legislation; most movie makers are usually willing to give Florida a shot.


  1. Hi. I took DRAMA during high-school and did great. I also did great in wood-working which is what I have pursued. My wood-working has come to a close. I would like to see if I can hang with ACTING. If I can get room and board plus transportation to and from the Acting Location … I will volunteer my background acting. If You relay an e-mail to myself I will forward my picture. I hope to find a new life! David Kirts

  2. My name is jade I absolutely love love love acting I do impersonations all the time I can act British, zombie , Miranda sings, white chicks preps and a lot more and I would love to just be an extra my life goal is to be an actress I understand y’all get these everyday but I have been in plays so yea and I’m 13 thanks

  3. Hi Dan. Nicola and georgina We’ve been trying to track you down since you’ve left and this is the only trace of you we could find! Really hope you get this message if you do just leave a reply here and we’ll sort out some contact details! Miss you lots and hope all is well! Georgina sends her love xx

  4. Daniel Murnaghan


    I’m a 69 year old very fit man who lives in Europe but will be returning to Florida in November.
    I have experience as an extra in San Francisco ( in the 1960’s ) and in Vancouver ( 21 Jump Street, Unsub, etc. )
    I am retired from work as a civil servant in Europe and would love to go back to doing something that I loved.

    I swim laps ( a mile ) 5 days a week and look very good for my age – in fact, last month in Ireland a young woman told me I was gorgeous ( she was slightly inebriated though and I’m not sure if it counts),

    Thank you


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