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Many individuals believe that they have what it takes to become the leading actress, model, or spokesperson. The Auditions are currently seeking the next upcoming actress or model for new generation. They are many opportunities become available for movie productions, television, reality television programs and the easiest movie and tv show extra jobs. If you are one of these individuals who have the ability to perform in front of a camera or large audience this is an opportunity for you to fulfill your dreams and have the ability to open other opportunities. Everyone from time to time has an extraordinary talent whom they can probably demonstrate during an audition. For some individuals, they have been professionally trained and are ready to let their career flourish in the film industry this can be your opportunity to let your dreams become a reality by just trying during an audition. With a little bit of encouragement from your family and closest friends you may be completely amazed at what you can accomplish during these auditions.


  1. I am interested in Xtra wk!Will Travel!
    I have been Published Newspapers ,
    Military Film ‘The Big Picture’,
    Husler Mag 2007 Summer,’Kick Me”
    Gary Huggins Feature Film for
    Rob’t Redford Film Fest (all parts were Xtras) I have Performef Nude at Fringe
    Fest Event on stage As well as
    Professional as Artist Model,Character
    Model,Portrait Model Art Institute,
    Many University Art Classes Avail
    Almost anytime Varied Looks as
    Well as a vass experience in many
    Different careers , 66 but often
    Mistaken as 35-45

  2. Hello! I really really want to get back into acting and possibly make a career out of it!! I have professional training behind me and have a few headshots so please email me as I want to get started right away! I live in Minnesota but please direct me somewhere where i can be an extra or a supporting role! Thanks.

  3. Hi there,

    I am a teenage girl looking to learn how the movie industry works by becoming an extra. How do I get started?

  4. Looking to get started !!!

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